LoRaWAN Network


LoRaWAN is an innovative network system, a platform that uses Artificial Intelligence, incorporating installed sensors, that enable us to have remote control in the city’s everyday operational systems, through the data received from the sensors.
The sensors will be installed in all municipal vehicles, buildings, schools, parks, garbage bins and open areas.
Those devices, will measure the on site conditions and will send the data to the central servers on a control room. The devices will perform actions, based on predefined responses or from instructions received remotely from the systems’ administrators.
LoRaWAN, is a key tool in policymaking decisions, in quick interventions and in the implementation of correct support measures, as it provides accurate data on time.

More specifically, the sensors connected and transferring data via LoRaWAN to the city command center are:
Monitoring, measuring and managing soil moisture in parks.
The non – ionizing radiation
Electricity, water and irrigation networks
The density of people on beaches and squares
Traffic, parking, noise pollution and direct disaster recovery
The movement of civil protection bars and alerting for elderly and disabled people home care
The meteo conditions, the indoor and outdoor air quality, as well as smoke
The speed limit on high concentration areas, schools, parks, etc

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