e-Cars - Sustainable Urban Mobility


We are in the process of developing all the necessary infrastructure to promote electromobility in our Municipality.

An integrated network of 20 dual electric car charging stations is fully operational today within our municipality and soon all the charging stations will be supplied exclusively with electricity produced by renewable energy sources, thus creating a truly green mobility with zero burden on the environment.

We have installed the first system of electric cars sharing “VVV eCarSharing”, in the country, which is based on a mobile application and enables registered users to rent an electric car from certain locations.

Goals and Benefits
   Reduce energy consumptions
   Reduce CO2 emissions
   Enhanced services to citizens

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Expanding Natural Gas Network


Due to our intense cooperation with the Gas Distribution Company of Attica, the natural gas pipeline network within our municipal boundaries is undergoing a large expansion of two new channels, which will make natural gas accessible to most of the households in our town.

The one pipeline is already under construction in Voula and Vouliagmeni, and construction on the second one in Vari will commence in November 2021.

Today in our Municipality a 41.5 km low pressure network is in operation , with the network household coverage rate at 33%, while the penetration rate is 37.4%.

The 2021-2025 distribution network development program, which the company is already implementing, includes the construction of a total of 80 km of new low and mid pressure networks in our Municipality.

Zero Waste


The implementation of sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management practices for household and commercial units, is our main priority.

By implementing the innovative waste management program named ‘’Separation of Waste at Source’’, with methodical work and in collaboration with the leading scientific organizations, we are pioneering nationwide in waste management.

The Municipality of Vari Voula Vouliagmeni, is diverting more than 30% of the produced household waste from landfilling, a percentage that ranks us at the top of the municipalities in the country.

Our utmost goal is to become a ZERO WASTE CITY.


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Waste Management


In two districts of our Municipality, we are implementing two programs, Benefit As you Save (BAS) & Pay As You Throw (PAYT), which have never been globally implemented simultaneously.

The Program Benefit As you Save – BAS program belongs to the European project Interreg where our Municipality is a Lead Partner and The Pay as you throw program is a reward model for the participants of the program.

The main scope of the BAS program is to instantly incentivize citizens according to their contribution to the separate selection of waste at source and reward them with loyalty points.

The Pay As You Throw (PAYT) is a pricing model for waste disposal and after certain legislative measures which being made, households will be charged for their municipal fees according to their waste performance and will be rewarded with loyalty points.

  The next phase of this programm is to gradually extend it to the entire Municipality of Vari, Voula Vouliagmeni, by the end of 2023.

We also participate as a key partner in the European LIFE IP GREECE program, for the implementation of the Circular Economy and we have secured funding of 1.4 million Euros.

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Waste Management - 7 Streams


7 Streams
   Paper Stream
   Glass Stream
   PMD Stream (Plastic, Steel water bottles,   
   Plastic bottle PET
   Green – Pruning and gardening stream    
   Organic – food waste stream

Collection takes place Door to Door on scheduled days and times. Households are provided by the Municipality with free stickers with QR codes in three colors (blue, yellow, red) and they activate the 12-digit unique code of the stickers, by registering on a specific website.

Each household has its own QR code and the Municipality during the collection of plastic bags, digitally “scans” the “smart” stickers to count the collected points and credit the quantity to each household. For each bag that is registered digitally, the Municipality creates a ‘’digital wallet” for each participant.

With the new institutional framework that has been voted by the parliament, our Municipality will be the first Municipality in the country, that will be able to reward participants by lowering municipal fees and / or by providing offers on additional products and services.

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Vita Green - Circular Economy In Practice


Our municipality is also a pioneer in the production of soil conditioner, which is produced from green and organic waste collected from the households

The soil conditioner VITA GREEN and VITA GREEN PLUS is of high quality and follows best available techniques based on the Waste Framework Directive; (2008/98/ΕU) and is certified as suitable for organic farming and is in the process of issuing an ECOLABEL Certificate.

In our Municipality, we have managed to close the circle of Circular Economy, by completing the economic viability of the action, through a public open auction of 10,000 bags of VITA GREEN and VITA GREEN PLUS, that added revenues to the municipal budget.

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Energy Upgrade Of Buildings


Through the installation of photovoltaic systems and their connection with the public utilities network with net metering, we have improved the energy efficiency of our municipal buildings.

Εnergy efficiency interventions in 116 municipal buildings, schools, athletic centers, administrative buildings, etc., is in progress and photovoltaic panels will be installed with a total capacity of 3.2 MW on the roofs of the buildings.

We estimate total energy savings of 45.6 GWh and the electricity produced from renewable sources is estimated to reach 4.8 GWh / year.

Our Municipality recently completed the European project InnoWee, where construction materials were transformed into highly added value prefabricated energy saving isolating panels.
Those new construction materials have impressively high energy performance and were created by recycling construction waste and rubble.

Our municipality participated in the project by using one of our municipal buildings as a test site where the panels were installed and the total energy savings of the building were constantly monitored throughout the proccess of the programme.

Planting & Greening Our City


We reconstructed and expanded the operation of the municipal nursery and more than 80,000 flowers and plants are produced by the city, on an annual basis, which are planted in the green areas and parks of our city.

We have an ongoing extended tree and flower planting program, we are greening our city.

The growth and quality of those plants is enhanced by the use of Vita – Green and Vita Green plus that we produce.


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